Paula StephensAbout the Jewellery Designer…..

“I wanted to be an artist. Then a photographer, and then a fashion designer. So I went to art college and learnt how to be all three…..and then spent the next 20 years working in the finance sector. Of course I was always working on something in my spare time – taking photographs or making clothes and teddy bears, until fate dealt me a blow which forced me out of the workplace and into my dream.

Having always been fascinated by jewellery and the fact that we’ve been making it and wearing it since we were cavemen (and throughout every age of man), I started teaching myself from books…. and discovered it isn’t that easy! Several years (and professional courses) later, and under the tutelage of many inspiring and jaw dropping-ly skilled jewellers and designers, I am finally able to indulge my passion (and obsession) for creating beautiful things out of precious metals.

My inspiration comes from everywhere, from researching ancient civilisations through to the modern contemporary era. I love the fact that when I’m working it’s like nothing else exists. The hardest thing is to be original – if it’s wearable it’s probably been done before! So I try to incorporate classic wearable designs with a contemporary twist, thereby creating something original and unique.

I especially love to make wedding rings – the fact that someone will be wearing this piece of work for years to come, hopefully for the rest of their lives (and possibly beyond) is something truly humbling. It has to be good and it has to be beautiful.”

From the initial design right through to the final polish, every piece created by Beaton & Shott is the work of Paula Stephens. Based on beautiful Romney Marsh in Kent, Paula exhibits her work throughout Kent & East Sussex and personal consultations by appointment are very welcome.